Drew's Porch 2018

Storm windows can help protect your windows during hailstorms. Do they have any real value other than that? What else can they offer me? The short answer is yes and various things. Storm windows come in either exterior or interior, each with their own set of pros and cons. They also have a temporary version for those customers who are on an exceptionally low budget and are only concerned with air leakage. However, these are not for any sort of protection but only for sealing for thermal retention. These are the shrink-wrap types that placed and activated by heat to seal to the window. Storm windows also reduce outdoor noise for those who live within the city or live nearby busy train tracks not matter if they are interior or exterior models. 

Storm windows not only protect your inner windows like a tempered glass protects your smartphone’s screen if they are the exterior version, but it also helps with your electric bill. They reduce the amount of air moving in and out of closed windows to lower heating and cooling costs and keep your living space comfortable. Given a 2,000 square foot home with energy star qualified installed storm windows, you can save up to an average of $465 a year in energy bills or 12-33%. While this may not seem like an extravagant amount of savings, consider the long term effects this will create. This will create efficiency in your heating and air unit which will cause it to not have to work as hard and consequently not break down leaving your home uncomfortable and costly hundreds or thousands more in repairs or replacements, simply by adding storm windows. Installing storm windows has a payback rate of about five to seven years to pay for themselves in savings if you consider just the electric bill only.