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2018 Glass Trends

As trends of all sorts are in a state of shifting from traditional to modern, glass styling is no different. The trend of keeping a simple shapes with clear cut and clean lines is beginning to be very popular. Likewise, dark colors and more glass are in a growing age right now. Additionally, consumers are expecting longer lasting durability, functionality, styles and high performance. Today we will share with you a few popular trends that you will see on the window market in 2018.

Energy Efficient

As energy costs keep on rising, people are looking for energy-efficient windows. They want to be able to use less light and use more natural light in their business or home. These windows give light, ventilation and warmth. This could cost in several ways. The energy-efficient windows are not going anywhere. Furthermore, we will be able to see this trend rise for several years to come.

Open Glass Walls

Lift and slide doors are rising in demand. These open glass walls are very desirable and easy for indoor and outdoor living. As the combination of inside and outside rooms rise so will this trend. These operable glass wall systems or perfect for flexibility and ingenuity. We predict to see this trend continues growing.

Edges and Lines

We are currently seeing several people looking for a more modern look. This is seen with very crisp lines and squared off edges. Additionally, we are seeing a Rise Up aluminum steel framed windows. This gives a resemblance to the more modern storefront style. The windows are beginning to have a much more modern look. That is why we have been seeing this trend.

Black and White

The main part of the black and white trend is its ability to work well inside and outside. This keeps a clean cut look to all windows. It is one of the most modern trends we are seeing in the industry. It can make anything look fancier and more modern. The black and white trend has been around for ages and is not beginning to fall. In fact, we see it only steadily rising.

Pass Through Windows

If the sliding window doors is not your style, we are seeing a growing trend in pass-through windows. This gives two rows a connection while also still living separated. The most common pass-through window sale we are seeing this from kitchen to the outside. This includes several shapes and can work great in any room in your business or home. This is a great way to be able to see everything but also still maintain that separation that is needed. Additionally, we are seeing this trend rise extensively.


As the smart home trend rises so does the technology wanted in window structures. The trends we are seeing in 2018 regarding windows are less about the glass itself and more about being connected with the whole house. Furthermore, people want to control their entire house including the windows. For example, there are windows that you can check from your home. This tells you if the window is open or closed. In addition, it can also tell you if it is locked or unlocked. As 2018 is seeing huge technological adjustments so are the windows of this time. We expect this trend to only grow with the advancements in the technology world.

Take Away

We hope that these trends are continued to be seen throughout the coming years. Likewise, if you can seeing a trend you would like to try call us today and we can see what we can do for you. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction. Furthermore, we love serving the Ozark, Russellville and Clarksville, Arkansas area. However, there trends are being seen nationwide this year!

Remodeling Your Shower

So you ran into some extra money or save up for a remodel. A shower make over can be a great new edition to  any bathroom. Today, we will show you the few steps you are to take in determining the right remodel for you. Glass shower doors can create a new or improved sense of modernism to your house. It creates a sense that opens up the room. Also, it makes it feel brighter and more welcoming. Additionally, it can add value to your home. This is a new trend for many houses and can be an excellent addition to your home.

The first step is to determine a floor plan

These glass doors or enclosures are versatile and can be added to just about any bathroom with minimal change. However, some bathrooms require more of a change. This will require a new floor plan either way. There are several ways that glass shower doors can be made for your bathroom. Do not be afraid to get creative during this process. We do the job, but you give us the rules we play by. Once you tell us what we want, we can discuss the options and layouts you can choose from.

The second step is to choose a door configuration

This is for you do decide what style of door works best for you and your style. Glass shower doors can be hinged or sliding doors. Moreover, you have several options that follow this decision. If you choose a hinged door then you choose the layout of the door itself. It can be right in the middle, in the corner or even cut to fit any extra style shape your shower has. Here is a tip from us for free! Smaller showers work best with a hinged door. Furthermore, wider showers are better fitted with sliding glass doors.

The third step is the choose a shower glass style

Once everything else is chosen, you get to pick the type of glass you would like to be used for your new shower or remodel. The most popular for glass shower doors are clear or opaque. Luckily, we are very experienced with both styles. Clear glass gives the room a bigger feeling. However, it is not private at all. If privacy is very important for you then we recommend the opaque option. Whatever you choose, we will be able to make it look great.

We promise to do only our best job for your new glass shower doors. Likewise, you will not be disappointed with our handy work and craft in the style of whatever shower you choose. Moreover, we promise to supply you with the best quality glass possible. Safety is vital to us as we are sure it is to you as well. You can rest assured that we have thought of this while installing your new shower doors.

Our Promise to You

Bathroom remodels can add so much value to your house. With the rising trends of glass being used in every way possible, the addition of glass shower doors not only makes the room look better but it also raising your home value. We hope that you will consult with us today to get a free estimate that could change the way your entire bathroom looks. You would be amazed at the difference a glass door could make in one room.

With all of this being said, we have several years of experience in installing new glass. This can be a long and tiring process for many people. Let us take of it quickly and efficiently that way you can relax and have it done in no time. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to us in any way and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What We Are All About

If you’re looking for new or replaced glass, look no further. At The Glass Company in Clarksville, Arkansas we aim to provide the best services for your residential glass installation. With our pattern, clear, and obscure glass choices we can replace or repair anything you’d like.


Windows are one of our main areas of expertise. We not only want to help you repair or replace your old or broken window, we want to make this one repair make your house look brand new. The best part is...we can do that! With either vinyl or aluminum windows, we can make your house look like it was just introduced into the market. After we remove the old window trim, window, prepare the new trim and dry fit the window, the window is installed and insulated. With multiple grid patterns available the options are abundant. Contrary to what many believe, if you’re shopping for insulated glass replacement you don’t have to replace the entire window. We can simply go in and replace the broken unit.

And More!

However, we don’t stop at windows though. We also provide, screens, mirrors, cabinets, shower doors, and table top services. Basically, if glass is involved we can take care of it.

If you’re remodeling your house or just looking to make some minor improvements The Glass Company is a great answer. We can replace or create new pattern mirrors, table tops and cabinet doors. We also provide excellent shower remodel services. Whether it be, frameless or semi-frameless, new or remodeling, we provide custom patterns and custom consultations.

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Instead of living with the same old windows and mirrors while remodeling the rest of your house, stop by The Glass Company and let us replace that for you and get your house to its prime. We want to be your next stop for the finishing touches or repairing of your latest house repairs.

Look no further for your glass repair needs. We can fix it and we want to fix it.

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